Alyssa and Darrin Married!

Alyssa and Darrin chose the Hawaii Prince hotel because they knew that the hotel had great food and also, “Who wants to be at a pretty wedding with junk food?” One of the things they have in common as a couple is that they like to eat. Alyssa has been looking forward to her wedding ever since she was a kid. Her mom jokes that when she was in preschool, Alyssa said that she wanted to be a bride when she grew up. Her mother had to explain to her that being a bride wasn’t an occupation. Darrin on the other hand has not dreamed of this day like Alyssa had, so he let her take the lead to plan whatever she wanted as long as he got good food and live music.

As it turns out, Darrin and Alyssa actually went to preschool together without knowing it until they had started dating. They had not actually met and become friends until middle school and did not start dating until college. In college they were in a long distance relationship where Darrin went to USC and Alyssa went to Sacramento State. When they first started dating Darrin bought Alyssa a bear that had a shirt that read: “Someone from USC loves me” and she bought him a rabbit with a shirt that read: “Someone at Sac State loves me”. With these they got their nicknames for each other “Darri Bear” and “Honey Bunny”. They had a bear and a rabbit as their cake toppers.

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