Heather and Neil Married!

The aroma of a particularly robust roast of coffee greeted our team before we reached the door hiding Heather and her entourage enjoying some fresh pour over. Seeing the Pacific from her viewpoint in the swanky condo, I wasn’t surprised to learn Heather is her happiest with toes dug into the sand surrounded by the aroma of saltwater. It was very important to Heather and Neil to share some classic island themes with their guests from out of town. Their decor, details, and cake were well coordinated to reflect; Hale Koa seemed a nice option since the location has such easy access to the ocean. Standing proud all day, our classy couple was stoked for this beautiful day and their energy was infectious straight til the end. Once their fancy footed guests started pulling out some of the slickest dance moves this side of the Mississippi, I was glad everybody limbered up beforehand! Congratulations to Heather and Neil!

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