Isle Media’s 5th Year Anniversary Showcase!

5 years ago, Isle Media was founded on a dream that a small, brand new company could enter a very competitive landscape and one day grow become an industry leader. Fate brought together a team of artists and with our talents combined became a force unlike any other. Through a ton of hard work and sacrifice, we have continued to mature and reinvent ourselves, originally founded as a single service company that later become a well-known, multi-service one-stop-shop for brides and grooms. We’ve been through a lot as a company, sharing laughter and tears. We overcame countless hardships and struggles and learned that through it all, we can always rely on one another.

On June 2nd, we celebrated Isle Media’s 5th Year Anniversary at the Honolulu Design Center, and it was overwhelming to see the support from our friends, family, past, current, and future clients, as well as industry partners. We made five videos exclusively for the showcase, highlighting different aspects of our team (please see the collection below), as well as a full gallery, featuring prints of our clients, which they were able to take home as a thank you from us. With a turnout of 200+ it was awesome to see both familiar and new faces in the crowd. Below are some BTS and event photos from the showcase. Thank you to everyone who came to celebrate our anniversary with us!


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