Jenn and Minh Married!

We are always humbled when a couple chooses to fly us out for their wedding, and we were absolutely stoked when Jenn and Minh decided to book us for their big day in San Fran! The couple got ready at their own houses just outside of downtown San Fran, which gave us a really cool glimpse into the story of them and their families. Jenn and Minh both come from Chinese backgrounds, and had the traditional series of “tests” that Minh hard to take part in before entering Jenn’s house. Awkward exchange of fruits and shots of mysterious oils were some of the surprises in store for Minh and the guys, which they took in stride. The couple also had a Chinese tea ceremony, where they paid their respects to their family. The ceremony took place over at the Sequoia Country Club, overlooking a golf course and the skyline of San Fran. With lots of friends and family in attendance, there was an abundance of spirited speeches to the newlyweds, accompanied by plenty of laughter and tears. It was pretty awesome to use a new city and environment as a backdrop for our wedding video and photos, and we look forward to coming back in the future! Congratulations Jenn and Minh!


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