Jenny and Andrew Married!

Jenny and Andrew were best friends in middle school. They used to scarf down their lunch just so they could play four-square or wall-ball together. Then Jenny moved away with her family to China and they lost touch over the years. 14 years later, Jenny moved back to the Bay Area, and thanks to Facebook, they reconnected and found their childhood friendship (and crushes!) were still very much alive. Their wedding celebrates their childhood connection with a “school” theme. They decided to have their wedding in Oahu since it was where they shared their first vacation together as a couple and it was their favorite place with memories of delicious food and stunning views – their favorite foods are featured throughout the wedding (spam musubi, papayas, lilikoi, kalua pork just to name a few). We’ve never been in the presence of so many bright minds from Silicon Valley, with Jenny and Andrew both working at Google, and the majority of their family and friends being in the tech industry. Everything from vows to jokes had a techy twist on them, and it was quite remarkable to experience. Congratulations!

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