Kelsi and Ruy Married!

Kelsi hit on Ruy while he was bartending part time in Boston in 2012. They fell in love with each other right away, but Kelsi was moving back home to Hawaii a month after they met. Even though neither of them believed in long distance, they kept in touch and had Skype dates every Thursday night. When the couple found out that Kelsi didn’t get into medical school the following year, Ruy bought her a one way ticket from Hawaii to Boston and the rest is history. Ruy eventually moved to Portland with Kelsi to support her pursuing a career in medicine. Ruy is from Nicaragua and Miami and Kelsi is from Hawaii and their cultures of Hawaiian and Latino are very similar. They both love the beach, value family above all and hope to move to Oahu in the near future and have some piglets of their own.

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