Kristi and Koa Same-Day-Edit (Sunset Ranch, North Shore)

We had only 30 minutes to shoot the getting ready at Koolina, followed by a 45 minute commute to the ceremony at Bishop Chapel @Kamehameha Schools, a 1 hour drive to the reception at Sunset Ranch on the Northshore… same-day-edit showing at 805PM (say what? LOL). One thing that kept me going throughout the day, was remembering how much Kristi and Koa have been supporting our work over the past few years… I was determined even with the logistical craziness, we were going to ensure we made it all happen for them. Thank you Kristi for going all out in in creating a jam packed schedule with so many things happening, incredible attention to detail (thank you for the customized Isle Media mason jars btw) and what a great way to end the night with dancing Hula on the line with your sisters. You two have some great friends! We tried to get a little bit of everything into your SDE (it wasn’t easy)! Congratulations to you both.


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