Kristine & Anthony Married!

Family is very important to both Kristine & Anthony so, it made sense to have a cozy and comfortable setting for their wedding. Their ceremony venue honored Kristine’s Catholic upbringing and the reception venue provided a comfortable and intimate setting to celebrate with the ones who have made such a positive impact in both of their lives. Food is also a big proponent of their lives so it made sense to go with the venue where they knew they would enjoy the food. Kristine & Anthony’s doxie, Roscoe, is also a big part of their lives and even though he wasn’t allowed at the venues, he was still a big part of the wedding: a cameo in their engagement photos, doxie ring and cuff links on the Bride and Groom, a place on their wedding cake topper, and his very own red ‘Snoopy’ doghouse which doubles as the cardbox. Kristine & Anthony like to think of themselves as two lovable goofballs and only associate with like-minded people: Sticks In the Mud need not apply!

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