Lisa & Michal Married!

There’s nothing quite like shooting in a new location for a wedding! We flew up to Seattle to shoot Lisa & Michal’s wedding. It was a refreshing story to cover, from the blending of Polish and Filipino traditions, to shooting in the Chapel of St. Ignatius, one of the most uniquely designed chapels in the U.S. Lisa’s Filipino side brought in the veil and coin presentation during the ceremony, while Michal’s Polish side contributed some delicious Polish desserts, and a fun game during the reception where the bride had to choose between two glasses (water and vodka), and if she chose the vodka, she would be the “boss.” Judging by her expression, it was obvious she chose right 🙂 Typical Northwest weather brought in some heavy rain during the latter part of the day, but that didn’t stop Lisa and Michal and their guests from having a good time, ending the night with a spectacular gathering of sparklers on the rooftop. Congratulations!


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