Melissa and Chad Married!

The location, Café Julia, was selected because Chad and Melissa met in downtown Honolulu at his office in the American Savings Bank tower just a few blocks away. Michelle was a student at the University of Hawaii on an office tour (trying to get a job) and he was speaking in a Q&A during the office tour about his experiences working as an auditor. Chad and Melissa are both Certified Public Accountants. Chad said he always felt a strange affinity to Café Julia…and who knew they’d get married there one day! For florals, Melissa chose white phalaenopsis orchids and garden roses. She loves how elegant and timeless both flowers are. The couple also planned to put their beloved puppy, Jenny, on the wedding cake as part of the cake topper (she’ll be pretend digging in the cake with crumbs and frosting on her mouth/nose area). Colors for this wedding were navy (Chad insisted that he wear Navy because he looks good in it), blush pink (because Melissa loves blush pink) and mauve.

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