Rachel and Jaehyun Married!

Although Rachel and Jae’s love story began in Seattle, they had to do long distance for almost two years. Rachel moved to Korea while they were dating, and Jae moved to North Carolina. Although long distance wasn’t been easy, the couple believes that it has made their bond stronger. The reason why Rachel and Jae chose Hawaii to have their wedding is because it’s the mid-point between Korea and the mainland US. (That way it was easier for both of their families and friends to fly over.) Moreover, out of all the flying that they did to see each other (like Seattle, New York, Singapore, Hawaii) Hawaii was far by the most beautiful and enjoyable place for them. Jae and Rachel wanted to make sure their guests had the ultimate Hawaii experience when they were choosing their venue, and they thought the Hau Terrace was perfect. The couple liked how the ceremony took place outdoor (where they could see the Hawaii scene and weather,) and liked how the reception took place indoors (where beautiful windows around it allowed the guests to look through the city.)

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