Kevo started as a DJ in the late 80′s, spinning at the clubs and many of the high school, hotel parties back in the day.  He’s focused his efforts on weddings more seriously over the past decade.  Kevo gets a kick out of meeting the challenges of weddings head on, and producing very successful events.  His musical knowledge ranges from the 60′s to the present.  A little bit of country, rock and alternative are always in the mix if needed.

Kevo is a down-to-earth, make you laugh, kind of DJ; he loves to pull the energy and expressions from the crowd and aims to play the right song at the right time.  Every wedding is different and finishing the puzzle of all the little pieces is what he always look forward to.

Emceeing has become his passion as of late; Kevo enjoys working with couples, taking their ideas and visions and making them a reality.  He truly believes that a perfect reception is what the couple envision, whether it be traditional or completely of the cuff.