Wedding Collection August 2016

Wedding Collections are not easy to put together, especially when our goal is to show the world that we continue to innovate, demonstrating that we can produce something new and original time and time again. A huge part of where we draw our inspiration are the many locations we have traveled around the world including, NYC, London, Florida, Chicago, Denver, Seattle, Las Vegas, Mexico and Japan just in the past year. From the adventurous shoots we planned around jet skis, motorcycles, and underwater caves to the sultry romance exuding from the bedroom when wearing nothing but lingerie. In this collection we wanted to show the passion felt by our couples, while incorporate elements of light, water and fire. Another ambition we had for the finale was to tie in the “then and now” as we caught up with a dozen of our couples post-wedding to discover that many of them had new additions. It was really nice to bring it all around full circle! We really put our heart into this piece and we couldn’t be more thankful to the many couples that continue to love and support what we do. Thank you.

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